Pro Gamer HeyMici Chooses OH/FE08/NW DXRacer Chair

Check out HeyMici and her DXRacer OH/FE08/NW



Here is what HeyMici says about herself:


Hi, my name is Mici!

I am 26 and British!

I make YouTube videos and stream games on Twitch but I would very much like to be a Character Artist / Illustrator in the Games Industry.

I have a cat called Harvey, she is a girl, but she was mistaken for a male cat when she was born because she was so big and fluffy. I hadn’t the heart to change her name so it just stuck.

I have had pink hair for almost 5 years now! Although pink is not my favourite colour, I do like how it goes with every colour, so picking what to wear in the morning is super easy!

I like video games, anime, comicbooks… 99% of the time I will be talking about one of these subjects.


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