Pro Gamer KittyPlaysGames Chooses OH/DF51/NW DXRacer Chair

Check out KittyPlaysGames and her DXRacer OH/DF51/NW



Here is what KittyPlaysGames says about herself:


YOU! I do my absolute best to focus equally on realtime engagement with my kitty team and giving viewers entertaining exposure to a variety of games. It’s my goal to provide the most amount of intrigue and fun possible. Let me know what you guys want to see!

I LOVE MY KITTY TEAM! The most exciting opportunity Twitch has provided me is a fun and easy way for my viewers and me to meet and get to know each other. So come say Hi!

The best way to know why my channel is right for you is to watch me do my thang and join the chat for a while … we like to have fun, share the love and be silly. Expect to see lots of moonwalks, giggles, and rage moments!


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