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Pro Gamer lucyyfurr Chooses OH/FE08/NP DXRacer Chair

Check out lucyyfurr and her DXRacer OH/FE08/NP Here is what lucyyfurr says about herself: My real name is Falon, but I also go by Lucy or Lucyyfurr. I’m 25 years old from northwest Indiana. I’ve been streaming on twitch for almost three years. I currently invest most of my time into Arma III, Dirty Bomb, […]

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Pro Gamer BibixHD Chooses OH/FD99/NR DXRacer Chair

Check out BibixHD and his DXRacer OH/FD99/NR Gaming Chair Here is what BibixHD says about himself: Journaliste JV en freelance ,humoriste & bien plus encore. BAZOOCAM, COMMENTARY OU DU THUG GAME. Sur cette chaîne tu trouveras de quoi rire mais aussi de quoi te cultiver, entre humour et reportage sérieux il y en aura pour […]

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Pro Gamer Retsofia Chooses F-Series DXRacer Chair

Check out Retsofia and her F-Series DXRacer: Here is what Retsofia says: My name is Faith, I’m 19. I play dota and have a lovely guyana boa named Luna, a princess diamond jungle carpet python named Cinderella, and a goofy crested gecko named Roshan. Q: What is your favorite hero? Centar Warrunner/Bristleback/Zeus ok it changes […]

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Confused Girl_2

Buying Guide

How do I decide which DXRacer chair to buy?                   Copyright: / 123RF Stock Photo At first glance choosing the right DXRacer chair can seem like a daunting task.  However, once you understand a few basic principles it becomes a lot simpler. Here’s what you need to know:  The […]

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DXRacer at CES Las Vegas

CES Las Vegas was a huge success.  It was a little funny to have a chair in the midst of all the latest high tech gadetry.  But the response from people who were experiencing our chairs for the first time was amazing.  After walking for miles around the massive complex attendees were grateful to sit back […]

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