Sit Better. Work Harder. Game Longer.

DXRacer chairs are manufactured under strict quality standards to offer our customers the ultimate level of luxury and comfort. Our chairs are designed to heighten the gaming experience, working, and relaxing. Whichever way you choose to use your DXRacer, it will take your experience to the next level.
High-quality and fine manufacturing process. DXRacer chairs are built with a steel framework, making each chair safe and stable. Utilizing high-density sponge gives the user a comfortable chair that keeps its shape, even after extended use.

Product Features
Back support. DXRacer has a high back rest to support the entirety of your spine and ensure your sitting posture has a straight back. The majority of present office chairs have low backs which make you unable to rest your necks. Our chairs also help maintain a right angle between your buttocks and waist, which is the first one of the “three right-angled sitting positions” widely acknowledged by the medical industry.

Reclining adjustment. The backrest of DXRacer chairs can be adjusted to angles up to 135° to satisfy all of your sitting needs.

Adjustable armrests. Our armrests are extremely mobile and they can be adjusted to appropriate heights based on each person's measurements. The armrests should be adjusted to a height that supports your arms and elbow joints - these allow you to form right angles to support long use time of mice and keyboard and/or gaming controllers. This is the second right angle of the “three right-angled sitting positions.” It protects you against slanting shoulder and kyphosis saving users from long-time fatigue of your shoulders and wrists.

Star-shaped base. DXRacer chairs can be moved anywhere safely. The chair's metal texture and modern style provide the utmost convenience and stability to your mobile office.

Adjustable chair height. The overall height of the DXRacer chairs can be adjusted to accommodate the heights of office and computer desks.

Waterfall seat. Our chairs have a waterfall seat that is ergonomically designed to accommodate the third right angle of the “three right-angled sitting positions.” This seat design allows relief on the back, thighs, and behind the knees.

What is the best part about a DXRacer chair? It's made just for you. You can choose your favorite colors and materials. All of our chair options are made to improve your health and comfort.
We don't live in a one-size-fits-all world, which is why DXRacer has created a wide portfolio of product models that can be chosen according to body type, the style of your office, the color of your desk, the style of your decorations, your personal preference and the nature of your job.